Wire Rope Hoists Manufacturers

APR Cranes is manufacturers, and suppliers of Electric Wire Rope Hoists with the customized capacity of 500kg to 50 ton. We offer wire rope hoists & cranes that upkeep your business & improve efficiency. Our Hoists are efficient and capable to work in any environment. We provide hoist solutions to Heavy Engineering, Shipyards, Automotive, and Steels plant also. Low-headroom models are accessible in ultimate limits in tons, & contingent upon your application needs, are accessible in affordable low-torque, top-running & deck-mount models, and Labor skillset. Apr Bright industries is one the best wire rope hoists crane manufacturers in India and easy to use on overhead cranes, and EOT Cranes, heavy duty applications.

Capacity 500kg – 50 ton
Chain Length 4m – 10m
Trolley Both
Voltage 50/60Hz

Our specialized staff represent considerable authority in furnishing clients with the most ideal item at the least conceivable cost. Our top selling items are made by high quality raw material Hoist. APR Bright industries have up an great stock of wire rope hoists, electric chair lifts, electric wire rope hoists, manual chain lifts, hand chain lifts, raising hardware, fork lift segments, wire rope lifts, stage lifts, trolley mounted, overhead cranes, air lifts, push catch stations, radio control frameworks, capstan lifts, link lifts, switch lifts, trolleys, bar clasps, pendants, spreader shafts, modern winches, substitution engines, and crane parts.

Electric Wire rope hoists 1 ton

We are focused on helping you ascend over the difficulties of your consistently business. The security, unwavering quality, and decreased upkeep of the APR wire rope hoists for eot crane enables you to take advantage of your gear. Our creative wire rope hoist configuration gives the best lifting experience up to 1 ton.

Electric wire rope hoists manufacturers 5 ton

We are wire rope hoist manufacturers, and suppliers in India and providing the customized hoist solutions to the different-different industries. Benefits of wire rope hoist if buying from us True Vertical Lift: Better burden control. Simple development and arrangement of item. Heavy-Duty Steel Drum: Half depression profundity to prepare for rope hopping out of notch. Industry-Proven Gear Drive: Easy-to-keep up rigging drive includes a sight glass for brisk examination of the oil level. Standard accessibility improves item lead time. Standard Flux Vector Hoist Drive Package: Improves burden control and takes into account exact developments. Lessens brake wear. Trolley VFD Control Standard on All Units: Allows for smooth speeding up and deceleration. Supplemental Upper and Lower Limit Switch: Safely prevents load from being lifted or brought down past set breaking points, decreasing harm to gear and crane. External Hoist Brake Resistor: Allows for dynamic braking and continuous drive administration at high obligation cycles. Cranes are not furnished with burden brakes, diminishing warmth age in high-obligation cycle applications. Thermal Overload Protection: Provided with the drive. Electronic Hoist Monitoring Card: Hoist comes standard with Monitor Card that records key data that can rearrange investigating and help decrease support costs.

Optional Features:

Load Sensing: Standard field programmable. Auxiliary Holding Brake. Wide Range of Lifts and Trolley Gauges. Overlay Protection with Spooling Bar. We delivers the wire rope hoists for eot cranes in entire India like Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, also Italy.