Overhead Crane Manufacturers in India

APR is Overhead Crane Manufacturers in India | Overhead cranes are appropriate for warehouses, biomass to energy plant, steel plant, paper mills, sugar mills, cement, coal, agriculture, construction sites & formerly used for lift material.  APR is manufacturers, and suppliers of overhead crane in India & world Single Girder Overhead Cranes and Double Girder overhead cranes. Offers cranes in various sectors of industries for the productivity of industries.  One of the best Overhead Crane Manufacturers in India producing bridge cranes with ultimate capacity. We can customize cranes as per industries’ s  requirement.

Capacity Upto 15 ton
Trolley Speed 15m/min
Crane Height 20- 40 feet
Manufacturers APR Cranes

Overhead Crane Manufacturers

APR cranes manufacturers of eot cranes in all kind of sizes that can handle heavy loads proficiently. Our overhead crane is custom designed & built to suit the specific nature of the task in industry’s.

We provide substantial range, and height of overhead cranes, for light duty applications & customization as per requirements. We offering with high quality equipment or cranes with smart technologies: – Fully Automatic Cranes, Semi Automatic Cranes, Manual Automatic Cranes etc.

APR cranes overhead cranes utilize technology to increase the safety & productivity of your business. Smart Features determine the most advanced crane functionality in market today.

Increase the safety & productivity of your business

Our overhead cranes are available with software-based intelligence, smart features, which gives you control over material handling in your production process. Cranes are helpful to develop healthy business today.

Types of overhead cranes

We design overhead cranes to meet any & every lifting requirement. Here’s a list of the different models we offer:

  • Single girder cranes
  • Double girder cranes
  • Process cranes
  • Top running cranes
  • Underslung cranes

Overhead crane is custom designed & built to suit the customer’s requirements. Our overhead cranes can be designed with a series of optional, including pendant or remotes controls, walkways for easy access, floodlights, laser sensors & other anti-collision features. Whatever the application, APR Cranes can ensure you receive the perfect overhead crane lifting solution.