Apr Cranes is one of the best gantry crane manufacturers in India that designs, manufacturers, suppliers, & exporters of gantry cranes & cantilever gantry crane.  With the experience of multiple years & professional engineering team day to day practice we become capable to provide superior grade gantry cranes for variety types of industries.

We are manufacturers of gantry cranes, single girder gantry crane, & double girder gantry crane. Our best gantry crane has ultimate capacity, application, & ease to use cranes are design for industries such as construction, power, shipping, scrap handling, container handling etc.  We can customize amazing gantry cranes as per customer requirements.

Gantry crane manufacturers

Gantry cranes can handle easily heavy-duty application as well as small duty application such as shipping crates across storage yard, & indoor industrial processes. Our gantry cranes sufficiently execute given operation, gantry crane specification, gantry cranes are similar to bridge cranes in nature of ease of work, & improve the business proficiency.



Gantry crane manufacturer offers crane in various model for large & small size as per industries requirements across the globe. As per your need you can go for adjustable or fixed height in gantry crane types. Most of the gantry cranes manufacturers in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh 7 fulfills your requirements.

Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

shipyard gantry crane manufacturers of cranes developing large hoisting capacity, shipyard  crane possesses various features and efficiency, designed to keep in mind transport of large ship, shipways etc.  We offer wide range of gantry cranes for shipbuilding & building gantry cranes as per port environments. We can manufacturer not only cranes, but a complete package for shipyard lifting solution.

Semi gantry crane manufacturers

Our semi gantry cranes are proficient itself & having great functions such as corrosion, superior hoist & dramatically structure etc. Our gantry cranes or overhead cranes can meet to your requirements easily & a perfect solution for your business building.  Semi gantry crane are available in electric or manual types as per your need.

One of the best things that our cranes are easy to install, compact structure, easy to operate & maintain, safe & sustainable, & reliable hoisting & travelling.  Gantry crane price is genuine with the quality of gantry crane.

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