Electric Wire Rope Hoists are generally utilized lifting hardware, regularly mounted on single support overhead cranes and jib cranes. To ensure the nature of our hardware, every electric wire rope derrick have been finished examined and tried to maintain a strategic distance from any harms during the working. We consider it as the obligation of electric wire rope lift makers to guarantee the security of our hardware as same as your administrator.

There are two normal hoists:

  • Single speed lift has a typical speed 8 m/min. At 8 m/min you can do a large portion of the regular material taking care of occupations.
  • Double speed crane has two independently speeds: 8 m/min and 0.8 m/min. At 0.8 m/min, you can raising the delicate items gradually and do some exact work like mounding sand-cast form in foundry production line and mounting the tooling in machining.

Fundamental parameters of electric wire rope lifts:

  • Capacity: 0.5~16 tons (max 32 tons)
  • Lift tallness: 6~30m(max 100m)
  • Lifting speed: 8/0.8 m/min
  • Traveling speed: 20/30 m/min
  • Duty gathering: HMI H4
  • Protection degree: Ip54/Ip54
  • Working temperature: – 20~+40℃
  • Power source: Ac 380V 50Hz