The fantastic working of the overhead crane can’t be come to without coordination of overhead crane parts. After a significant lot of working time, the crane may seem some out of date quality, strain and wear out. So as to recuperate the high profitability, new parts are fundamental. As a phenomenal crane parts provider, our organization consistently can give astounding crane parts that not simply coordinate the overhead crane from our organization yet in addition appropriate for items from other industrial facility. The segment is the certification to the high proficiency.

  • There are three fundamental categories of crane segments, welded steel structure, electric parts, mechanical parts.

Due to the solid creation capacity and stable nature of our mechanical parts, our crane wheel, crane snare, rope drum is utilized in ourselves crane, yet in addition connected in some different celebrated crane producer. Give us the detail parameter of your cranes, lifts & overhead crane parts you need,  our creator will make the best answer for you with those parameters.

Here comes a concise presentation of our principle overhead crane parts:

Crane wheel

  • Types – Casting or fashioning
  • Warmth treatment – extinguishing and hardening
  • Distance across – accessible from 100mm to 1000mm (5″ to 35″)
  • Material – agreeing client requirements

Crane rope drum

  • Ability – solid generation capacity, accessible 0.5 to 700 tons
  • Material – carbon steel and compound steel and exclusively required material
  • Warmth treatment – extinguished and tempered
  • Benchmarks – DIN standard crane snare is accessible

Crane Hooks

  • Two sorts of framing strategies: Casting iron rope drum, Steel plate rope drum.
  • Drum distance across up to 1000mm (Steel plate rope drum)